The smaXtec health system


Want to become more successful with stable and high milk yield while reducing your workload and costs? We can offer you the most precise system for monitoring the health of dairy cows from our partner smaXtec. The system measures the inner body temperature, the activity level and the rumination. Those measured parameters help you detect feverish conditions, metabolic diseases, heat, calving, heat stress and monitor the drinking behavior. With additional options of measuring pH value, you can detect SARA, feeding issues and can optimize the rations. If you need more information or want to have a F2F presentation on your farm, contact us and our colleague Dominik will help you.


How does it work?



smaxtec Boluses continuously collect data
The rumen bolus measures direct, insightful values with the highest accuracy inside your cows, in the reticulum.



Read-out devices automatically transmit data
The smaXtec readout devices with integrated Internet connection read out the data from the smaXtec boluses and transfer it immediately to the smaXtec cloud.



Comprehensive data analysis

We analyse the unique cow data from all over the world with the help of artificial intelligence (AI)-based applications and combine it with knowledge from agricultural scientists and veterinarians. You receive precise alerts and recommendations for action so that you can take the right measures at the right time.



Access data anywhere and anytime

You can access the clearly structured information and to-do lists on your smartphone and computer, independent of time and location. When action is needed, you receive an email and/or push notification.



Facilitate your everyday work

With smaXtec you improve your management, optimise animal welfare, collaboration with advisors and veterinarians and make your farm future-proof!


Main components

smaXtec Boluses

Classic bolus
With the smaXtec Classic Bolus you monitor each of your cows’ health status and get information about the time of calving and oestrus. The smaXtec Classic Bolus is administered to every animal and provides you with valuable insights for each animal.

smaXtec pH bolus

With the multiply awarded smaXtec pH Bolus you monitor your herd’s feeding status. Additionally, you know each cow’s health status and are informed about oestrus and calving. The smaXtec pH Bolus is administered to 6 to 10% of the herd and allows for conclusions about the herd’s, respectively the group’s feeding.

Provided insights

Better conception rate and reduction in days open
Information about the timing of calving enables all relevant measures to be put in place
Measures to reduce heat stress can be taken at an early stage
The actual body temperature can be tracked any time
The strong correlation between water and feed uptake means any irregularities can be detected right away
The unique combination of temperature and activity enable health disorders to be detected sooner, enabling relevant measures to be taken.
Measures the rumination directly where it occurs – in the reticulum. The direct measurement method records the number and duration of contractions of the reticulum.


  • Bolus Size: 105 x 35mm (length x diameter)
  • Measurement duration: up to 4 years (activity and temperature measurement)
  • Tested by DLG (German Agricultural Society) and certified to be rumen fluid resistant
  • Temperature: relative measurement accuracy: ± 0.05° C
  • Internal memory: 50 days

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