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Chr. Hansen is a global, differentiated bioscience company that develops natural solutions for the food, nutritional, pharmaceutical and agricultural industries. Company’s microbial and fermentation technology platforms, including their broad collection of around 40.000 microbial strains, have game-changing potential. Chr. Hansen is uniquely positioned to drive positive change through microbial solutions for food like starter cultures for dairy products, meat and wine, dairy enzymes and probiotics for a rich variety of foods, beverages, dietary supplements. As one of the world’s most sustainable companies, Chr. Hansen touches the lives of more than 1 billion people every day. Chr. Hansen’s solutions enable food manufacturers to produce more with less – while also reducing the use of chemicals and other synthetic additives – which makes the products highly relevant in today’s world.

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The YOFLEX® culture range is a series of highly concentrated cultures specifically developed for thermophilic fermented milk applications. By selecting the right culture in the YOFLEX® culture range, yogurt can be given its desired quality and characteristics.

Chr. Hansen’s eXact® range includes a series of highly concentrated mesophilic cultures for cultured milk and fresh cheese products, such as buttermilk, kefir, sour cream, quark, cream cheese and tvorog.
The nu-trish® range consists of probiotic cultures for fermented milk, juices and plant-based products. Chr. Hansen provides well documented and researched probiotic strains, like LGG®, BB-12®, LA-5®, L. casei 431®, and blends with strong clinical documentation and credible health benefits.

FreshQ® bioprotective cultures enabled by fermentation are completely natural way to prevent food spoilage in yogurt, cream, homogenized cheese, kefir, cottage cheese, feta cheese, cottage cheese, pasta filata cheese (kashkaval, mozzarella, pizza cheese).

NOLA® Fit is a cutting edge lactase enzyme developed to unlock the potential in the lactose-free and reduced sugar fermented milk market and even more to accommodate the needs of pure authentic taste liquid lactose-free market.

HA-LACTASE™ is the ideal solution for developing tasty and healthy lactose-free products.



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Hansen’s wide range of cheese starter cultures come in a convenient DVS® (Direct Vat Set) or EASY-SET™ format for direct inoculation into milk, covering many different cheese types like: cheddar, continental, cottage cheese, grana, pasta filata, soft and white cheeses.


Chr. Hansen offers a broad coagulant portfolio consisting of animal and fermentation produced coagulants. The right coagulant can help you when it comes to yield, cheese maturation and optimization of the whey stream.
Chr. Hansen offers a range of DVS® ripening cultures with unique properties that facilitate the development of new cheeses with signature flavors. The range also includes ripening cultures for improved texture, appearance and process efficiency across many cheese types.


Our unique dairy enzyme solutions offer different benefits, such as desired flavor characteristics, texture improvements and increased yield. Additionally, we have solutions for lactose-free and low-lactose dairy products.

Chr. Hansen is offering a wide range of bioprotective solutions that are widely used to prevent unwanted yeast and mold, naturally extending shelf life and increasing food safety. Part of the solutions for natural protection of cheese are: AFILACT®, BIOSAFE™, FreshQ® and CHRISIN™.


Chr. Hansen was among the first companies to produce meat cultures, and today we are considered the world-leader in culture production and application.

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Meat bioprotection

SafePro® cultures are natural food cultures that protect meat in a natural way. They help improve the safety and the goodness of your meat and salmon even after it has been opened and may prevent spoilage and maintain or extend shelf life.


Chr. Hansen offers solutions for fermented meat production such as Italian salami, Spanish chorizo, German salami, French saucisson etc. The food cultures contain strains that are typically present in meat and provide the final meat product with desired acidification, flavor and color—every time!

Dry cured meat

Chr. Hansen’s food cultures primarily offer color, color stability and flavor development for delicious dried, cured meats, like Jamon Serrano and Prosciutto di Parma or dried sausages, like the Spanish fuet or chorizo sarta.


Naturally safe and tasty bacon is possible with Chr. Hansen’s food cultures. The range offers starter cultures that can reduce the risk of pore formations, enhance color and flavor development and reduce the risk of Listeria monocytogenes, maintain and extend the freshness.

Emulsified sausages

Chr. Hansen’s range includes food cultures for emulsified sausages that help enhance food safety or the opportunity to improve color development with less nitrite: SafePro® B-LC-48, Bactoferm® Rubis or Bactoferm® CS-300.

Cooked meat & poultry

Do you want to produce safe and delicious quality cold cuts? Food cultures can minimize the occurrence of quality flaws and scrapping e.g., from pores or holes as well as improve the safety of ready-to-eat cold cuts.

Smoked salmon

Chr. Hansen has a natural and documented food cultures that helps improve food safety in smoked or marinated salmon. SafePro® NovaLox reduces the growth of Listeria monocytogenes during shelf life and allows you to produce delicate, delicious and safer smoked fish.

Fresh sausages and meat preparations

Chr. Hansen’s food cultures can support the freshness and food safety of your fresh meat products like sausages or meat preparations. Additionally some of the cultures have beneficial effect on the color stability of the meat.

Prepared or ready-to-eat food

Chr. Hansen offers various food cultures from the Bactoferm® range to ensure a consistent quality e.g. of fermented cabbage, cucumber or olives or from the SafePro® range to help improve food safety of fresh cut salad and salad meats.



Bioprotection is the art of using natural microbial food cultures to inhibit unwanted contaminants – preventing food spoilage or enhancing food safety.

Fermentation by food cultures has been known from ancient times to present day as a natural way of preserving food.

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FreshQ® food cultures are fermentation-enabled bioprotection, and a natural way to help prevent food spoilage and protect it against harmful microorganisms, allowing to extend the shelf life and reduce food waste in yogurt, fermented cream, kefir, cottage cheese, feta cheese, cottage cheese, pasta filata cheese.


The live natural food cultures from VegaTM FreshQ® and fermentation help protect your fermented plant-based products from contaminants it may encounter throughout its shelf life and keeps fermented plant bases great and fresh.


BIOSAFE™ cultures can help you to avoid spoilage in semi-hard and hard cheeses and to help prevent late blowing and off-flavors caused by clostridia present in the milk. BIOSAFE™ can contribute also to an improved flavor profile of your cheese.


Chr. Hansen is using good bacteria and fermentation to inhibit and control the unwanted spoilage flora. SAFEPRO® cultures are natural food cultures selected specially to help protect meat & prepared food products including salmon and ready-to-eat salads.


VEGA™ SAFEPRO® cultures can help to keep fermented plant-based meat alternatives safe and fresh, naturally. Producers can craft plant-based meat alternatives that stay fresh for longer and improve upon some of the sensory features of their products.


Viniflora® makes it possible to produce wines with little or no SO2 content without compromising its quality and with much less undesirable acidity. Viniflora® makes it easier for wine producers to provide stable and enjoyable wine brands with natural conservation cultures.

Dairy and meat alternatives

Fermented plant-based dairy alternatives

Vega™ Culture Kit is designed to make plant-based fermentation simple and intuitive, no matter what bases a producer may be using to create their products – “vegurts”. Some of the cultures for plant-based yogurt contain the world’s best documented probiotics – BB-12® and LGG®.

Food cultures for plant-based meat alternatives

VEGA™ SafePro® food cultures allow to improve safety, freshness and shelf life of your meat alternatives in a natural way. The cultures, either alone or in combination, undergo fermentation helping stems the growth of yeast, mold and contaminants such as Listeria monocytogenes.

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Wine and Fermented beverages

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Selected yeast and bacteria from Chr. Hansen’s range will allow you to produce natural wines and answer the global trends for less chemical/ preservatives. Viniflora® makes it possible to have wines with low or no SO2 without compromising on quality and with much less unwanted volatile acidity.

Viniflora® is a range of high-quality bacteria products ready for direct inoculation that help producers to control their malolactic fermentation. Discover how Viniflora® solutions can help make the wine you want and bio-protect the must, wine and your brand with natural microbial solutions.

Viniflora® specialty yeasts can help bio-protect your musts, convert flavor precursors and increase complexity and elegance. Winemakers wishing to be closer to a wild alcoholic fermentation character can now discover the new frontier in yeasts and make wines that have this distinctive natural, wild touch.

Chr. Hansen’s dedicated wine team is proud to present BACTIV-AID™ 2.0: probably the best nutrient for bacteria available today. BACTIV-AID™ is a well-balanced nutrient, ideal for oenological bacteria in difficult winemaking conditions.

Fermented beverages

SmartBev™ NEER® is a fast, sustainable and cost-efficient fermentation solution that can brew authentic non-alcoholic beer without any compromises. SmartBev™ NEER® offers a shorter fermentation time and significant reduction in raw malt compared to the “traditional” approach for creating alcoholic-free beer.
Chr. Hansen’s SMARTBEV™ Harvest LB-1 culture is specially designed for consistent and flavorful kettle-soured beer, ready in just 16 hours. Harvest LB-1 contains a freeze-dried, direct-inoculation culture and is designed to optimize production while offering producers great results in every brew.
SMARTBEV™ yeast are designed to help the brewing industry optimize their yeast program by delivering the yeasts in a new frozen liquid yeast (FLY) format that ensures high CFU, high activity levels, high quality and optimal purity.
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